One software to unite them all

The DSP Master software is a Windows based software platform that connects all Celto amplifiers and electronics in a unified environment.

Never been so easy to connect

Its higly advanced TCP/IP connection technology makes it a breeze to connect one or many amplifiers to the software to get full control. Connecting a solo amplifier just requires a standard ethernet cable bewteen the amplifier and your PC. Plug it in, launch the software and done. No need to change parameters in your network adapters or any other form of setup.

You have a complete system to run, driven by several Celto Amplifers ? Just link them to a router with DHCP enabled, and let the system sort it by itself. Launch the software and discover automaticaly all the amplifiers available on the network. No time wasted with confusing network setups.

FULL Control

Take FULL control of all your amplifiers with a single software. You can remotely do anything. Power on or off, earthlift or not, recall and store preset, memories or scenes.

Real time EQ and Delay on all channels, complete input and output matrix control. This give you many possibilities like worldwide DSP control over a VPN, rig and fly your amplifiers next to your IWAC to avoid long cable runs. Infinite possibilities.

Make your Amplifier drive anything.

The software allows you to build your memories with channel preset building blocs. Combined with the 4in/4out topology, you can configure any amplifier any way possible.

Driving a 2way IWAC 210, a SU121 in a cardiod array and a last minute extra VCM12 wedge on stage with a single amplifier was never so easy.